UZ-UCSF Collaborative Research Programme is managed by a sophisticated and centralized Administrative Core, composed of administrative teams operating dually in Harare, Zimbabwe and San Francisco, California. The Administrative Core’s trained and experienced professionals oversee daily and ongoing operational and fiscal activities to ensure uninterrupted protocol execution at Clinical Research Sites (CRS) in and around Harare. Administrative Core members communicate multiple times daily, via email and telephone, and at regularly scheduled meetings in San Francisco and Harare to manage operational and financial tasks, allowing CRS personnel to devote their efforts to the scientific enterprise.

Senior Administrative Core personnel are detailed below, however the ongoing management of UZ-UCSF requires an extended group of experienced professionals to ensure uninterrupted research operations and support.

Senior Management Team

The Senior Management Team (SMT) based in Harare, is comprised of the Executive Director (ED), Programme Administrator, and the Head of Accounts.  They meet twice monthly to review day-to-day operations and cashflow levels; track expenditure against allocated budgets per protocol; and institute measures for cost containment and economies of scale by sharing resources across the programme.

Z.M. Chirenje, MD, FRCOG (see Scientific Leadership)

Pangisile Matikiti, B Acc Sc is the Programme Administrator at UZ-UCSF and is an Accountant with 29 years of business management experience, of which 5 are in the administration of clinical trials. She is responsible for the overall administrative management and logistical support of the programme, and works closely with UCSF to ensure that operations are functioning at optimal levels to support current and planned research activities.  She leads a team that has attended NIH grants management training to ensure compliance with all grant provisions.

David Tomu, ACIS, B Compt Acc, Bcom is Head of Accounts at UZ-UCSF and has eight years of experience in internal auditing. He joined UZ-UCSF in 2010 as the Compliance Officer, and in January 2013 became the Head of Accounts. He is responsible for the accounting of all project funds and for ensuring the uninterrupted flow of funding for the programme. He directly supervises the Accounts, Grants Management and Central Stores Departments.


The San Francisco-based administrative team includes the Senior Administrative Investigator, International Program Manager, CTU Project Manager, and two support staff. UCSF subcontracts the majority of research activities to UZ-UCSF and other collaborating institutions. Subcontract agreements are utilized to formalize commitments and responsibilities, with subcontractors accountable to UCSF for programmatic outcomes and compliance matters.

UCSF works cooperatively with UZ-UCSF to build capacity in the following areas: 1) financial and grant administration, including A133 compliance; 2) research compliance, including regulatory and human subjects compliance; 3) clinical trial management; 4) performance evaluation; 5) laboratory administrative support; and 6) information systems support.

Joelle Brown, MPH, PhD (see Scientific Leadership)

Jennifer Tuveson McElroy, BA, is the International Program Manager at UCSF, has 10 years of clinical trial experience and is the critical and key link between UZ-UCSF scientific investigators and UCSF administrative management.  She serves as primary liaison to NIH and network leadership for CTU administrative issues. She also assists the ED with ensuring compliance by all CTU components with UCSF, NIH, and NIAID policies and procedures. She is responsible for communication with CTU subcontractors and facilitates solutions for administrative issues pertaining to the CTU to ensure smooth overall operations.

Ross Jamison, MPA, CCRP, is the CTU Project Manager with over 10 years experience in clinical trial management.  The Project Manager provides programmatic and administrative management support to the programme and CTU, including oversight of the research agenda, site performance, and protocol development. He works closely with the programme’s research coordinators, and laboratory, pharmacy, and data teams, and assists in the planning and conduct of specific protocols per timeline and budget targets.